Eric Herrera - Reflections "A New Life"

Eric Herrera - Reflections "A New Life"
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Eric Herrera "This album is a gathering of my most heartfelt compositions. My past works have been given new breath and are embraced with the fresh voices of Mother Earth. The new compositions are both of my own and some with the help of my dear friends." I hope you and your families enjoy this album as much as I have in making it...

Blessings, Eric Many Winds Herrera

THE INSPIRATION TO MAKE THIS ALBUM "Over the recent years, much has changed in my personal and professional life. The experience has brought both pain and a light of new hope in love... My sincerest gratitude goes out to the family and friends who stood by me..."


A New Life


To Flow

Flight of the Hawk

A Rose in the Sand

Voices of Winter

Scars of a Warrior

Warrior Sunrise

Pride of the People

The Awakening

Here In My Heart

Amazing Grace