Acoustitherapy - Gentle Passion

Acoustitherapy - Gentle Passion
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Acoustitherapy is acoustic instrumental music that is always soft and soothing. These beautiful combination's of harp, guitar, flute, cello, violin, and piano as well as native and world instruments are never loud or fast. The instruments give a natural vibrational energy to a music that is never obtrusive. The variety of instruments produce collections that are never repetitive. The different titles give you music you need to calm your mind, lighten your environment, warm your heart, relieve your tension, or free your spirit.

Gentle Passion is soft and soothing music to heal your heart. For the broken-hearted, Acoustitherapy Gentle Passion is a healing experience for the heart because its soft and soothing music can trigger your vibro-acoustic memory and release endorphins. Its real, acoustic instruments give you a natural ambiance to a music that is never obtrusive. The variety of instruments including harp, guitar, flute, piano, cello and violin, produces a collection that is never repetitive.

My True Love I'll Wait For You

The Dreamer

Amber Dawn


Sirens Of The Sea


Now, Oh, Now I Needs Must Part

Love: The Universal Wish

A Very Long Time Ago

Meditation On A Theme By Thais


Time Enough For Love

Snowfall In E Minor

Percy's Song

I Miss You

Sunset Symphony