Acoustitherapy - Ambiance

Acoustitherapy - Ambiance
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Product Description

Acoustitherapy is acoustic instrumental music that is always soft and soothing. These beautiful combinations of harp, guitar, flute, cello, violin, and piano as well as native and world instruments are never loud or fast. The instruments give a natural vibrational energy to a music that is never obtrusive. The variety of instruments produce collections that are never repetitive. The different titles give you music you need to calm your mind, lighten your environment, warm your heart, relieve your tension, or free your spirit.

Ambiance is music to lighten your environment. In our homes, offices, or automobiles, stress accumulates quickly. This stress in generated from both internal and external forces. “Ambiance” strives to take away the external stress caused by life’s noise and thus drive away our internal stress. It is perfect for after work time, driving, meals, or entertaining guests.


Down In Yon Banke


Without You

Beside Still Waters

I Wander

Just Smile

Here in MyHeart

Rocks of Bawn

In Another Life

Megans Song

Saturdays Child

Andys Dream

My Trinity